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Collection Recovery
Medical/Hospital – Account Receivables
Commercial-Retail Collections
Personal Injury
Automobile Accidents
Slip and Fall

For over 35  years, our law firm has focused upon and has achieved excellent results for our collection clients. We provide effective collection services on a contingency fee basis (“no collection, no fee”) of unpaid accounts for our medical, physician, retail and commercial clientele. Moreover, our contingency fee rates are most reasonable.

Our services include not only pre-litigation collection processing (before a lawsuit is begun), but also litigation (i.e. commencement of lawsuits) and post-judgment collection proceedings (i.e. garnishing wages and freezing bank accounts). In addition, as members of Experian (the credit bureau), we are able to adversely affect the “credit history” of the persons who have delinquent accounts with your office or business, by reporting to Experian the debtor’s unpaid amount owed to you.

Please be assured that our staff is properly trained to provide collection services in a lawful and professional manner. We conduct our collection efforts in accordance with applicable Federal and State collection laws. We are also keenly attuned to your desire to maintain a positive rapport with your delinquent accounts (patients, clients and customers).

With regard to our medical clients, we represent hospitals, departments within hospitals and private medical practices, as well as medical billing companies concerning their past due hospitals and physician accounts. We have extensive experience in handling an array of past due medical accounts (i.e. anesthesia, cardiology, internal medicine, infertility, OB-GYN, orthopedics, ophthalmology, neurology, neurosurgery, pathology, pediatrics, radiology, surgery and urology).