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Injury Litigation

Personal Injury Lawsuits in Long Island

Personal injury lawyers associated with the Law Office of Jeffrey G. Lerman, P.C. on Long Island explain what people can expect from the personal injury litigation process and proceedings.

What can you expect when you are considering a personal injury lawsuit?

First, retain an experienced personal injury lawyer.
A personal injury lawyer:  The attorney you choose to represent you should have extensive experience litigating personal injury cases in your jurisdiction.  A general practice or lawyer who specializes in a different area of practice may not be as acquainted with New York injury laws and know the ins and outs of filing civil cases on Long Island or New York City.  Interview two or three attorneys and be sure to ask if they have experience handling cases similar to yours.

After you have carefully selected a personal injury attorney to represent you and checked the attorney’s credentials and references, it is time to get working on your case. We invite you to come to our office for a consultation, free of charge or obligation. Let’s discuss your case including your rights and remedies as well as our course of strategy.

Second, bring everything pertaining to your injury to your lawyer.
Everything relating to your injury should be presented to your Long Island personal injury lawyer and preserved as evidence for your lawsuit.  These items include:

  • Your detailed account of what happened
  • Police report
  • Photos and videos taken at the accident scene
  • Property damage estimates or receipts
  • Medical reports
  • Medical and other expenses related to your injury
  • Contact information for anyone involved in the injury or accident
  • Responsible person or entity
  • Insurance companies
  • Witnesses
  • Police called to the scene

Third, be involved with your personal injury case.
Your attorney will expect you to follow the advice of any medical professionals involved in your case.  For example, not attending physical therapy sessions or refusing to take prescribed medication will weaken your case.  Your personal injury attorney may enlist financial and medical experts to review your case and advise him or her on how much the injury has caused you financially and physically.  Take a proactive step in the lawsuit process by following up when you are supposed to and presenting information when requested.

Fourth, listen to your personal injury attorney’s advice.
The responsible party and the insurance companies may offer you a settlement before your case goes to trial.  Your attorney will negotiate on your behalf.  If a settlement is reached out of court or resolved through mediation/arbitration, the time involved with a lengthy lawsuit can be avoided. Your attorney will not make any decisions without your consent.

Lastly, call the law office of Jeffrey G. Lerman in Long Island.
Call the personal injury lawyers practicing at the Jeffrey G. Lerman law firm in Long Island to schedule a free consultation to discuss the lawsuit process.  We can be reached by email, TOLL FREE 888-858-8369or locally at 516-742-9282.